Journalist request service for charities

Free journalist request service for charities

Increase media coverage for your charity. Help journalists by sharing your expertise. Provide comments, quotes, case studies and statistics for news articles and features.

Verified submitters

Receive requests from professional journalists and broadcasters working at established media outlets.

Quick as a fish

Journalists are often on tight deadlines. Most alerts are delivered within 30 seconds of being posted.

No charge for charities

Dot Star Media is completely free of charge to press officers working at UK and Irish registered charities.

Free of charge for qualified registered charities

Dot Star Media has enabled us to keep an eye on any requests that are relevant to our work, where we can add value and provide useful information.

Richard Beesley, Juvenile Arthritis Research

Dot Star Media offers a simple, user friendly service which has allowed us to identify opportunities for our campaigns, which we were previously unable to benefit from due to limited resource to search for opportunities.

Franchesca Allen, Macmillan Cancer Support

Dot Star Media is great because it aggregates all the journalist requests that are specifically relevant to you, so you don’t have to trawl through Twitter and wade through irrelevant content.

Sarah Swaysland, The Volunteer idea

Requests from top media outlets

Receive media request notifications from journalists who write for high profile national and regional broadcast, print and online media – as they happen.

This word cloud is sourced from the submitter biographies of recent journalist requests distributed by Dot Star Media. It shows the most frequently mentioned media outlets and publishers – the kinds of media where charities have the chance to gain valuable coverage.

Requests from top media outlets
Dot Star Media Journalist Request

Easy to use

Requests are delivered as simply formatted emails. Individual journalist enquiry notifications include the full request, submitter’s name, biographical information and reply options. You don’t need to log onto our website to reply to a journalist.

You can also receive media request notifications in Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Media opportunities without the noise

On a typical day more than 80% of the traffic on #journorequest is noise.

We streamline the best journalist requests to your inbox, Teams, or Slack channels. You can focus on media relations rather than wading through spam.

Enquiry volumes across all 29 topics are currently around 400 requests per week – all from verified journalists writing for established media outlets.

Dot Star Media signal to noise graph
Journalist enquiry service topics

Topics, digests and keyword filtering

You may need to work on different campaigns, in different sectors, at different times. You can change your charity’s media request topics to match your current campaigns whenever you like.

If individual requests are too much, receive periodic digest alerts. Or for total control, setup keyword filtering and only receive requests that include words on your keyword list.

Completely free for charities

The media works better when it includes a diverse range of voices. Charities, especially smaller ones, often can’t afford the fees for traditional media request services – and are denied a voice. We want to help change that by making Dot Star Media available free for registered charities.

Journalists also benefit from a media request service that provides access to a range of sources with a good balance of commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

Free journalist requests for charities

Dot Star Media is run by Jonathan Tullett and Dan Griffiths. After decades in the industry developing tools for the PR and journalism industries – including the ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Service – Dan and Jonathan launched Dot Star Media to provide a new approach to targeted media request monitoring. The intention is that the free service for qualifying charities will be available indefinitely.

Free of charge for qualified registered charities