About Dot Star Media

Dot Star Media is a journalist request service. We connect journalists with sources, and then get out of the way.

  • Journalists: Your media requests – for comment, content, samples, interviews – get sent to a diverse range of sources.
  • Subscribers: You receive prompt, personalised journalist request alerts. Reply to earn media coverage and links.

Journalist request service

Thousands of journalists post media requests to 𝕏 (Twitter) making it an important place for public relations professionals to monitor. Twitter can, however, be noisy and chaotic for both journalists and sources. Identifying the best media coverage opportunities – and there are many – is a fiddly, time consuming task. Both businesses and the media can miss out as a result. We’re fixing that.

We provide an efficient way of monitoring, receiving and responding to media requests without having to spend hours wading through noise and spam. We do this with a mixture of automation technology and human oversight to identify, classify and deliver quality media coverage opportunities from verified journalists – all in the shortest possible time.

Our subscribers are typically media relations professionals, digital PR experts, businesses doing their own PR, universities and charities.

Speed matters

The journalist requests we distribute are either sourced from 𝕏 (Twitter) or directly submitted on this journalist enquiry form. Thanks to automated processing the majority of alerts are delivered to subscribers in less than 30 seconds from the journalist posting their media request. This gives our subscribers the best chance of making an early response and winning coverage. 🥳

Journalists first

Dot Star Media has chosen to focus its service on supporting journalists working on independent editorial and helping media relations professionals win ‘earned’ media coverage. For this reason Dot Star Media enquiry feeds will generally exclude requests from lifestyle bloggers and other influencers.

Doing our bit

  • The Dot Star Media journalist enquiry service is free of charge to qualifying charities – to help charities get their message out.
  • Our servers run on renewable hydro-power hosted by Hetzner – to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We pledge to donate 1% of Dot Star Media profits to tree planting initiatives – because trees are wonderful.

Our faces

We are a small team – but can claim a combined experience in the journalist enquiry service business in excess of 40 years. We were both part of the team that built and developed the ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Service; Jonathan designed the systems architecture powering the service and Dan was Managing Director until October 2018.

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Jonathan Tullett



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What do you think?

The Dot Star Media Request Service works as either a standalone service providing you with a reliable source of high-profile media coverage opportunities, or complementing an existing traditional media enquiry service. But don’t take our word for it. See what subscribers are saying then take a free trial. Do let us know what you think.

Self service set-up. No payment card required.