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Receive relevant journalist requests. Provide comments, quotes and data for features, and get press coverage.

Verified journalists

Media requests from verified journalists at established outlets. Avoid the noise.

Quick as a flash

Most alerts are delivered within 30 seconds of being posted. Beat the rush.

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Monthly plans that you can stop and start as you need to. You have control.

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Dot Star Media subscribers say:

Live Yoga Teachers
Dot Star Media is a very cost effective way to get media coverage and backlinks, and it’s super easy to use. We managed to get coverage in online publication like Sylist and Readers Digest to name a couple.
Elodie Gythiel, Live Yoga Teachers

Chloé Nelkin Consulting
Fantastic opportunities presented in a clear and manageable format from top end media outlets. Dot Star Media provides a great and immediate service.

Chloé Nelkin, Chloé Nelkin Consulting
Infinity Public Relations
The sheer number of opportunities that have come through has been very impressive and has secured us some excellent media coverage – The Sunday Times being one of them.

Samantha Marsh, Infinity Public Relations

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Requests from top media outlets

Receive media request notifications from journalists who write for high profile national broadcast, print and online media – as they happen.

This word cloud is sourced from the submitter biographies of recent journalist requests distributed by Dot Star Media. It shows the most frequently mentioned media outlets and publishers – the kinds of media where our subscribers are gaining valuable media coverage.

Requests from these Media Outlets
Example Journalist Request

Easy to use

Media requests are delivered as simply formatted emails. Individual journalist enquiry notifications include the full request, submitter’s name, biographical information and reply options. Reply directly to the journalist.

All subscriptions include keyword filtering options. Gold tier customers can receive media request notifications in Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Media opportunities without the noise

More than 80% of the traffic on #journorequest is noise. We streamline the best journalist requests to your inbox, Teams, or Slack channels. You can focus on media relations rather than wading through spam.

We also provide a direct journalist enquiry service that the media can use for more detailed requests.

Enquiry volumes across all 29 topics are currently around 400 requests per week – all from verified journalists writing for established media outlets.

Dot Star Media signal to noise chart
journalist request topics

Change your subscription when you want to

You may need to work on different campaigns, in different sectors, at different times. Our plans allow you to change your organisation’s media request topics to match your current media outreach campaigns whenever you like.

Dot Star Media requests are classified into 29 topics. The three subscription tiers provide you with a maximum number of topics to choose from: 5, 10, and all 29 topics.

Dot Star Media is run by Jonathan Tullett and Dan Griffiths. After decades in the industry developing tools for the PR and journalism industries – including the ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Service – Dan and Jonathan launched Dot Star Media to provide a new approach to targeted media request monitoring.

14 day trial. Self service setup. No card required.

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