What is Dot Star Media?

Dot Star Media is essentially a noise filtering, classification and media request alerting service. We make it easier for people to identify and respond to relevant journalist requests.

What we do

We review media requests on social media to remove noise and spam. Then we notify subscribers of requests from professional journalists – and include a link back to the journalists’ original post. Using semi-automated processing most alerts are sent with 30 seconds of you submitting your request.

How this help journalists

Social media can be noisy and chaotic. By making it easier for media relations professionals to pick up on your requests you’ll receive quick responses and get your work done faster.

Submitting requests

To have your journalist request distributed to Dot Star Media subscribers post your request to Twitter and include @thedotstarmedia and/or use the hashtag #journorequest

Receiving replies

You’ll receive replies to requests via social media, or by email. To reply to your requests Dot Star Media subscribers will be directed back to your original post, or, if you have provided an email address in your profile or in a recent request post, replies can also be made by email.