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Connect with a diverse range of sources to help you finish stories quickly and easily. It’s free for journalists.

Public Relations

Connect with public relations professionals who understand the media and can deliver what you need.


Find case studies, spokespeople and information from a wide range of charities.


Businesses of all sizes and sectors are ready to provide you with fast, direct comments and quotes.


Request authoritative points of view and credible domain expertise from university academics.

It’s free to send requests.

We connect you with sources, and then get out of the way.

Say what you need

Get expert comment, quotes, data, samples, interviews from businesses, academics and charities across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Simply fill in the journalist request form to explain your requirements along with your deadline and contact details.

For security and efficiency we’ll confirm your email address via a “magic link”, so that replies go straight to you.

Journalist Request Submit Form
Example Journalist Request

Your media request is sent out to sources

Your requests are delivered swiftly to the inboxes and desktops of hundreds of people at relevant organisations in the Dot Star Media network. If they can help they’ll reply directly to you by email.

Using #journorequest

If you prefer to use social media you don’t even need to use our submit form – we also monitor the #journorequest hashtag on X (formerly Twitter).

Hundreds of requests from verified journalists are classified into topics and alerts sent to members of the Dot Star Media network every week.

Just tag your tweet with #journorequest or @dotstarmedia and we’ll pick it up.

#journorequest monitoring
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The environment and our society

Dot Star Media wants to minimise its impact on the environment. Our servers run on renewable hydro-power and we’re donating 1% of profits to tree planting initiatives.

The media works best when it represents a diverse range of voices. To help charities – particularly smaller ones – get their voices heard, the journalist enquiry service is free of charge for qualifying registered charities.

Dot Star Media is run by Jonathan Tullett and Dan Griffiths. After decades developing services for journalists and media relations professionals – including the ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Service – Dan and Jonathan launched Dot Star Media to provide a new approach to media request services.

It’s free to send requests.