Hello, world!

Hello! Dot Star Media launched today.

Have you ever missed out on a good media request?

Journalists use Twitter to post media requests all the time – but the platform can be noisy and chaotic for both journalists and sources. This can make identifying the best media coverage opportunities a difficult and time consuming task. Both businesses and the media can miss out as a result, and we want to help fix that.

Making media request monitoring less of an effort

Our aim is to provide an efficient way of monitoring, receiving and responding to the best requests on Twitter without having to spend hours wading through Twitter noise and spam. We’re solving this with a blend of automation technology and human oversight to identify, classify and deliver quality media coverage opportunities from verified journalists – at warp speed.

Helping journalists

Making it easier, and quicker, for communications professionals to find and respond to journalist requests helps journalists from outlets like this get their jobs done.

We’re on Twitter at DotStarMedia

Dan and Jonathan.