Dot Star Media process diagram

Using the #journorequest hashtag or direct journalist requests to connect with sources

Connect with a large and diverse network of sources

Dot Star Media has built a large and diverse network of sources who can help journalists with their stories. Today there are over 600 organisations receiving requests. Journalists can use Dot Star Media to easily – and rapidly – ask questions and receive comment from hundreds of businesses, PRs, universities, and charities.

An example Media Request alert email

How journalists reach the Dot Star Media network

Subscribing organisations receive alerts by email or straight into their Slack or MSTeams software. We send thousands of individual alerts every day. Journalists wanting to connect with the Dot Star Media network can do so in two ways:

Use #journorequest

Include the hashtag #journorequest in your tweet. This makes it simple for anyone following the hashtag individually, and the various PR networks, including Dot Star Media, to pick up your request.

#journorequest screenshot

Submit a direct journalist enquiry

For requests that are too detailed for Twitter, or to simply access the Dot Star Media network outside of Twitter you can submit journalist requests directly using this media request form.

For security and efficiency, we won’t distribute your request until you have confirmed your email address via a ‘magic link’, so that replies go straight to you.

Journalist Request Form

Journorequest process diagram

This diagram summarises the system. Replies from sources to the journalist are made by email or Twitter. We don’t intercept or interfere in the reply process. We simply connect journalists with sources, and then get out of the way.

Dot Star Media process diagram

Graphic made with PowerPoint! – design not my strongest skill. Please get in touch us with any questions about how the Dot Star Media journalist enquiry service works.