Hetzner: Environmentally sound hosting

When running a company like Dot Star Media, it’s impossible to get away from needing to run servers – quite a few servers. We have the corporate site (you’re on it now), we have the application site, and we have quite a few mailers to help you receive your enquiries within about 30 seconds of them appearing on social media.

All the servers need to be powered, and while our current hosting provider runs a decent service, they simply aren’t green, despite many people wishing they were.

At Dot Star Media, we care about our impact on society and the environment.

For society, we’re incredibly proud of our charity initiative, which is helping nearly 200 charities get media coverage for their causes.

For the environment, we pledge a percentage of our net profits each year to green causes but want to do more where we can. So this weekend we’re moving our entire hosting environment over to a new hosting provider – Hetzner Online.

Hetzner have been pioneers in using renewable energy to power their data centers; their German data centres – where we’re hosted – use hydro-power. Their hardware is chosen for energy efficiency too.

This weekend there will be intermittent access to our sites as we move our application. We’ll keep it as short as possible.