How to find previous journalist requests

We’ve added a page on the Dot Star Media service that gathers together an individual journalist’s previous requests. This includes requests sourced from Twitter and any that a journalist has submitted directly on our journalist enquiry submit form.

Why previous journalist requests are useful

Looking through earlier requests can help you better understand the journalist’s typical style and the subjects they have already covered. This is especially useful if you’ve never pitched the journalist before and can help you improve your pitch.

Previous journalist requests

How to see previous journalist requests

To view a journalist’s previous requests click on the ‘Previous Requests’ link in the alert email.

View previous requests link

If you are receiving your media request alerts in Slack or Microsoft Teams click the ‘View previous requests’ links that appear at the bottom of each alert.

Slack/teams - view previous requests

How to find previous journalist requests in your Dot Star Media account

Log in to your account on and go to the Enquiry Search or Recent Alerts page. Then just click the profile picture or name of any journalist to go to a list of their previous requests.

Enquiry search page

We hope this feature makes Dot Star Media even more useful for subscribers and journalists. Do let us know what you think.