Why businesses should be responding to journalist enquiries, by ChatGPT

Like many, I spent some time this weekend playing with ChatGPT and being amazed by its ability to spit out passable ‘content’ on pretty much any subject. Taking the area that Dot Star Media operates in I asked ChatGPT for five reasons why businesses should be responding to journalist enquiries, or media requests, found on Twitter.

It came up with these reasons – all wrapped in the robotic ChatGPT style:

1. To maintain positive relationships with the media.
2. To influencing the narrative around their brand.
3. To help build trust with customers and stakeholders
4. To stay informed, and ‘keep their fingers on the pulse’.
5. To take advantage of opportunities to showcase products, services and expertise.

It’s not a bad list.

5 reasons businesses should respond to journalist requests, by ChatGPT

The temptation for using AI to mass produce content for SEO purposes is obvious. Indeed, I used AI generated content to support this blog post. But, where will all this lead? One can imagine the web becoming stuffed (more than it already is) with bland AI generated content.

OpenAI assures us that as a Large Language Model (LLM) it can’t actually generate anything original.

If LLM training data itself draws upon AI generated content is there a risk we end up with an ever-worsening web of self-reflecting, endlessly mirrored, AI generated content?

In a world of SEOs and marketers using AI generated content to boost rankings, search engines will want to distinguish derivative AI generated content from the genuinely original content that was created by humans.

OpenAI ‘thinks’ that doing this will be tricky, especially as machine generated text can be ‘humanised’ by a real-living editor.

In a positive note, Paul Graham suggests that in a sea of mediocrity, the “price” of good writing could go up.

There may be parallels here with artisan or organic food. Artisan produce commands a premium price and is available in fewer locations. Maybe we’ll have a class of ‘artisan writing’ for work that’s been lovingly produced by organic humans. Troublingly, artisan food is out of reach to those who can’t afford it. Maybe we’ll see similar barriers emerging for expensively produced human content. Expect more and higher paywalls around the most exclusive and highest quality original content.

Whatever the future brings, Dot Star Media is here to support human journalists. Our journalist enquiry service connects journalists with thousands of human contributors – who are ready and waiting to support journalists do their work creating fresh and original writing.